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“Nefeli” residence complex is under construction in the village of Sozopoli, Chalkidiki, just 37 kilometres away from Thessaloniki Airport (SKG).

Historical information about Sozopoli
The village of Sozopoli is a 14-minute drive from Nea Moudania, 16’ from Nea Kallikratia, 18’ from Petralona cave and 19’ from the ancient city of Olinthos.
The first residents of Sozopoli were immigrants from Thrace, and more specifically the Northern part of Thrace called Sozopoli (Εastern Rumelia, today’s name: Bulgaria). Also, immigrants from various ancient Greek regions in the part of Eastern Thrace, located on the Black Sea, such as Anhialos and Pirgos (today’s name: Burgas) situated in Eastern Rumelia.
Sozopoli, Thrace, on the Black Sea, was actually evolved by a colony inhabited by various tribes, which thrived during the 7TH century BC, called Apollonia. Sozopoli became eventually the metropolitan centre of Hellenism (the ancient Greek culture) all along Northern Thrace’s coastline.
The village of Sozopoli, Chalkidiki was built on a hill. On this hill excavations revealed remains of Roman as well as Byzantine housing developments. Moreover, on the left side of the village of Sozopoli, towards the village of “Veria”, there is a region with remains of ancient residential developments called “Touba”, in which the Bishop’s registered office can be found.
Today’s village of Sozopoli in Chalkidiki is a place not only ideal for vacation but also suitable for a permanent residence due to the existence of various Public Services.

Our residence complex
“Nefeli” residence complex is located on the second building of the first block, 100 metres away from the beach.
Our flats have access to a beautiful garden. Furthermore, accessibility is provided for people with disability.
Our two-bedroom or three-bedroom maisonettes consist of two levels, with sea views and Class A energy efficiency.
All “Nefeli” properties have access to the swimming pool in the complex garden.

Our company assists you in:
 Obtaining TIN number
 Legal support through all stages of purchase
 Obtaining electrical power, water supply, telephone communications and internet
 Tax support
 Mail and payments of utility bills administration
 Housing loan application procedure
 Complex cleaning and maintenance

Last but not least, in case you buy a property but you don’t intend living there throughout the entire year, our company can take charge of renting it and bring you good income and eventually to deduct the property's purchase price.


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